Regulate Your Cycle With Our Help

We provide treatment for menstrual disorders in Buffalo, NY

A problem with your menstrual cycle can be painful and inconvenient. Legacy Gynecology PLLC is here to help you figure out what's wrong and put a stop to it. We offer all kinds of treatments for menstrual disorders. You won't have to stress about what's wrong anymore.

Menstrual disorders can be caused by uterine fibroids, hormonal imbalances and clotting. We'll determine what's causing your discomfort and help you get the relief and care you need.

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Your period shouldn't be painful

A lot of people who menstruate become convinced that a painful period is normal. You shouldn't have to struggle through intense pain every month. If you find that your period is so painful you can't go about your daily routine and you're dealing with throbbing lower back pain and abdominal cramps, you might have endometriosis.

We can perform menstrual disorder testing to figure out what you're dealing with and treat it.

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